Removing Malware “Browse to save”..

Browse to Save is an extension of internet browsers, which automatically tries to open malicious websites and makes your PC vulnerable to virus threats. It contains a file named sprotector.dll, which is considered as a Trojan Horse (Located in C:\Program Files\Browse to Save\sprotector.dll in windows 7). It can’t be deleted normally. So here are the steps of how to remove it –

1. Open all of the browsers you have in your PC. Go to settings/options, and then go to Extensions. Remove the extension Browse to save.

2. Restart windows in safe mode (Continuously press F8 while windows is booting, and then select safe mode from the options).

3. Delete the folder ‘Browse to save’.

4. Now click the Start button, and type ‘regedit’ in the search box. regedit.exe will be shown. clicking on it will start Registry editor. Go to Edit>Find, and type browse to save in the box to find the registry entries made by the malware. delete the entry.

Everything needed is done. Now restart windows in normal mode and enjoy!

I was having the same problem. So after I removed the malware, I thought it was worth sharing.

Till next time..Ciao!!


20 thoughts on “Removing Malware “Browse to save”..

  1. Hi, im currently facing the same problem but when i opened all the browers in my computer (chrome and internet explorer) i don’t see any extensions named Browse to Save! what do i do 😦

  2. I think the virus has been updated as the Extension in IE is now greyed out so that I cannot remove it. Any ideas for this issue? Thanks for the help so far!

  3. ): i still have a folder in my program files (x86) that says “BrowseToSave” and it wont let me delete the file after following all your steps… help?

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